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Latitude is an avionics design and manufacturing firm that provides flight data monitoring, flight following, satellite data link and voice communications equipment and services. Offering complete aircraft communication systems with air-time and service options supporting flight safety, fleet logistics, operations, and maintenance information through data analytics platforms. Based out of Victoria, British Columbia for over 17 years.

Our Story . . .

Operating in Victoria, British Columbia, Latitude Technologies Corporation is the premier global supplier of flight data monitoring, flight following, and satcom solutions for aircraft and fleet operators. Latitude’s economical-to-operate aeronautical communication devices are engineered for versatility. Able to run individually or as a functional unit, Latitude’s aerospace products provide reliable and secure aviation data, including monitoring functions for operations, crew safety, fleet logistics, and more. The SkyNode® suite brings essential satcom communication to life. Latitude’s DL150 Future Air Navigation System Data Link (FANS 1/A+) is the first Technical Standard Order (TSO) lightweight multi-function Satellite Data Unit (SDU) on the market. Consistent with their modular style of system configuration, Latitude’s suite of flight data monitoring solutions interoperates into their web-based data management platforms, Latitude Flight Data Analytics (LFDA), as well as WebSentinel. Backed by Latitude’s proprietary SAFR flight data and communications standards, these two programs provide a management platform to control and monitor flight tracking, maintenance and operations remotely, working anywhere, anytime for dispatch centers, mobile devices, or desktop users.

At Latitude, we’re about achieving success every day for our customers, our business partners, and our stakeholders by:

  • Developing and marketing innovative and technically superior products and services, making full use of our proprietary technology and aviation application experience
  • Providing value-added consulting and application development services to our customers and our business partners;
  • Maintaining impeccable technical standards of application availability, usability, and scalability across satellite-based and terrestrial wireless networks; and
  • Offering a workplace environment that instills and rewards the passion for excellence in our employees.

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