SkyNode Messenger

Enhancing SkyNode Communication

SkyNode Messenger

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SkyNode Connected Messaging

Experience WebSentinel & Mobile Messaging as One

SkyNode Messenger is an app for iOS and Android that supports text messaging, phone dialing, and other SkyNode S100 and S200 features over a wireless connection. A SkyNode and wireless connection kit from Latitude are required to be able to use the app.

SkyNode Messenger (iOS) - Info Page

Stay Updated

Monitor the information page to view current GPS information and other important information reported by the SkyNode.

SkyNode Messenger (iOS) - Events Page

Send Events

Use the events page to send important alerts, such as Mayday, or Down and Clear.

SkyNode Messenger (iOS) - Messaging Page

Text Messaging

SkyNode Messenger supports 2-way messaging from the cockpit to WebSentinel.

SkyNode Messenger (iOS) - Dial page

Phone Dialing

Dial numbers for the SkyNode with a convenient touchscreen interface.

SkyNode Messenger (iOS) - Incoming Call

Receive Voice Calls

Use the S200’s Satellite Voice features to send and receive voice calls.

SkyNode Messenger (iOS) - Help Page

Custom Configuration

Configureable to your needs, changing notifications, settings and more.