ENode Engine Data Acquisition

Protect your aircraft from catastrophic failure, reduce potential risks and expenditures, all while saving your fleet’s bottom line with the ENode. Latitude’s engine data acquisition unit is built to enable engine condition trend monitoring (ECTM), flight data monitoring (FDM), and fuel management programs for your aircraft.

ENode, Engine Data Acquisition Unit

Early detection data analysis for deterioration, accelerated wear and other damages

Monitor and trend the health and stability of your aircraft engine

Assess and correct issues in advance of escalated costs, failures, or groundings

Automate formatting and transmission of engine data, removing manual offloading

Enable Engine Trend Monitoring
Stay In Control of your Engine

The ENode engine data acquisition unit is built to support engine trend monitoring (ETM), flight data monitoring (FDM), and fuel management programs. Packaged into a small, lightweight box, the ENode offers a versatile solution for all twin turbine engine aircraft and operators by providing access to timely and actionable information.

The ENode tracks engine parameters and corrects for atmospheric conditions, enabling an analysis and detection tool to monitor and trend the health and stability of your aircraft engine. With the ENode, operators can avoid secondary engine damage, which means less unexpected aircraft downtime, and more time spent in the air. Stay in control of your system status, protect your bottom line, and reduced unexpected maintenance expenditures.

The ENode can either be equipped on its own to capture engine signals—converting to ARINC 429—or mechanically coupled with Latitude’s IONode lightweight flight data recorder, operating with Latitude’s modular system of aircraft communication and monitoring solutions.

The data gathered between the two units seamlessly feed into Latitude Flight Data Analytics (LFDA), which turns your recorded data into actionable information. LFDA offers a complete web-based system for storing, viewing, managing and analyzing flight data to support operations and enable fleet-specific programs.

There are several established service providers for performing engine data analysis, and Latitude will happily work with your existing provider or assist you in selecting one. Our system will format and transmit your data automatically, unburdening your aircrew from error-prone manual reporting, and your maintenance crews from manual data offloads.

Latitude works closely with our industry-leading partner, Spectro | Jet-Care to deliver first class laboratory services for fuel analysis to the aviation industry. Spectro | Jet-Care has been providing comprehensive analysis service to aviation, marine and industrial companies around the world for over 40 years. They save you time in predicting problems before they become apparent, saving you money in avoiding major overhauls and unplanned maintenance.

Supplemental Type Certificates

STC Authority Aircraft Type Product Availability
SA18-121 TCCA DHC-6 Series 1, 100, 110, 200, 210, 300, 310, 320 ENode

The ENode has already received certification in fixed-wing Twin Otter aircraft but is suitable for multi-engine aircraft, helicopters, and other airframe applications. Latitude is currently looking for a certification program partnership that works towards building the necessary technical and installation documentation required to establish a supplemental type certificate.  Please get in touch if you are interested in exploring an STC partnership with Latitude.

Specifications & Applications

• Inputs for rotor, compressor, turbine and propeller RPMs

• Synchro inputs for position sensing

• Thermocouple inputs for ITT and EGT signals

• General-purpose analog voltage inputs for data acquisition

• Discrete inputs

• ARINC 429 output

Capture and digitize engine parameters from tachometers, thermocouples, synchros and variable voltage sources without interfering with the source signal.

• Width: 6.72 in (17.1 cm)

• Height: 1.33 in (3.4 cm)

• Depth: 3.44 in (8.7 cm)

• Weight: 1.1 lb (500g)

• Operating Temperature range: -45º to +70º C

• RTCA/DO-160G

• FAA and TCCA approved

LFDA Graph Screenshot

Latitude Flight Data Analytics – Real-Time & Post-Flight Analysis Tracking

Latitude Flight Data Analytics is our complete web-based system for storing, viewing, managing and analyzing flight data to support your operations. View data from past and recent flights while setting event thresholds to report exceedances on a real-time and post-flight basis, and more.

Learn more about how the ENode supports engine trend monitoring and fuel management programs by following the associated links below:

Latitude works closely with our industry-leading partner, Spectro | Jet-Care to deliver first-class engine trending services. Since 1981 Jet-Care has been providing engine condition trend monitoring services to the aviation industry. The Jet-Care Gas Path Analysis program (GPA) is the proven method for engine performance monitoring and targets the detection of engine core deterioration. By comparing trend data against in-house engine models we are able to identify potential performance issues ultimately allowing you to reduce maintenance costs and maintain optimum operational availability.

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