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Explore a suite of hardware and customizable systems to meet your aircraft tracking, flight data monitoring, and analytical needs. Whether for business or general aviation, commercial carriers, or emergency response and forest services, Latitude proudly offers solutions to meet your needs.

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Latitude DL150 Satellite Data Unit

Toughest environmental standards.
TSO-C159b approved.
Satellite connectivity and SATCOM data link.
Capture and retransmit messages.
Next-Generation Satellite Service Systems.
ARINC 741 interface.

SkyNode S200-012 (Safety Services)

Toughest environmental standards.
TSO-C159b approved.
Safety service SATVOICE.
Long Range Communications Systems (LRCS).
Communicate Globally via Iridium Satellites.
ARINC 741 interface to MCDUs & CDU.

IONode Lightweight Flight Data Recorder

Lightweight flight data recorder.
STCs available.
Improve aircraft operating efficiencies.
Reduce maintenance costs & increase safety.
Access critical information for your aircraft.
Interfaces to Mapping and FDM solutions.

SkyNode S200 Legacy

Toughest environmental standards.
STCs Available.
Provide Security and Crew Safety.
Phone and data access everywhere.
Interfaces to mapping and FDM systems.
Custom Configuration Available.

RC6000/A Control and Display Panel

Display and Control Panel Interfacing
Communicate with your Crew.
Intuitive User Interface.
Built to withstand toughest conditions.
Save valuable space and weight.
SATCOM handset Dialing Alternatives.

GeoNode 100

tracking and telemetry management.
Terrestrial, Marine & Special Purpose.
Messaging Transceiver.
Monitor Mobile & Fixed Assets Anywhere.
Custom Configuration Available.
Integrates with Mapping Solutions.

ENode, Engine Data Acquisition Unit

Engine Data Management.
Real-time Event Notifications.
Automate Trend Data Capture & Delivery.
Engine Condition Trend Monitoring.
Enable Fuel Management Programs.
Protect from catastrophic Engine failure.

Iridium 9575 Extreme

Satellite Phones and Handhelds.
Globally Accessible Communication.
Compact, Light and Easy to Use.
Industrial-Grade Ruggedness.
GPS-Enabled Location Services.
Hands Free Capability.