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SkyNode S200

The SkyNode® S200 is the world’s lightest and most versatile integrated aeronautical communications device. The S200 provides security and crew safety for air/ground logistics applications. Phone and data access is available everywhere you operate. The S200 exceeds automated flight tracking requirements mandated by US and Canadian Forestry Agencies and interfaces to multiple mapping and flight data monitoring systems. The S200 has the toughest environmental standards in the industry.

For information on the SkyNode S200 or to place an order, please contact us through one of the following options:

STCAuthorityAircraft TypeProduct Availability
SA12-69 Issue 1TCFixed Wing Aircraft, See Approved Model ListSkyNode S200
SA04165NYFAAPart 23 Aircraft, See Approved Model ListSkyNode S200
P-LSA06-103/DTCAerostar 600, Piper PA-60-600SkyNode S200
ST03456NYFAADash-8 SeriesSkyNode S200
SA11-84 Issue 3TCDash-8 SeriesSkyNode S200
SA12-54 Issue 1TCHawker Beechcraft 1900C, 1900DSkyNode S200
SA03233NYFAAHawker Beechcraft 1900C, 1900DSkyNode S200
O-LSA16-138/DTCViking Air DHC-6 Series 400SkyNode S200
STCAuthorityAircraft TypeProduct Availability
SR03352NYFAABell 206 and 407, Airbus AS350, EC130B4, AS355SkyNode S200
SH07-4 Issue 3TCBell 206 and 407, Airbus AS350, EC130B4, AS355SkyNode S200
SR02475NYFAABell 204, 205, 212, 214, 412SkyNode S200
SH06-4 Issue 3TCBell 204, 205, 212, 214, 412SkyNode S200
?P-LSH06-140/D Issue 1TCAS350 B3SkyNode S200
10028910EASABell 212, 412SkyNode S200
SH14-39TCAirbus EC135SkyNode S200
SR03536NYFAAAirbus EC135P1, EC135T1, EC135P2, EC135T2, EC135P2+, EC135T2+SkyNode S200
2015S12-04ANAC (Brazil)Airbus EC135P1, EC135T1, EC135P2, EC135T2, EC135P2+, EC135T2+SkyNode S200

• Auxiliary GPS serial data output for moving map, electronic flight bag, and 406 ELTs

• Automated event-based reporting including Weight on Wheels/Skids and Out/Off/On/In messages

• Meets forestry AFF live tracking

• Reliable 2-way data networking/messaging

• Remote polling and configuration

• Data logging and event triggers from external switches/buttons and system bus sources

• Internal fast-fix 20 channel WAAS GPS receiver

• Multiple voice communication interface options.

• Versatile mounting configurations

• Background data logging

• Size: 11.50” x 3.81” x 2.75” (29.2 x 9.7 x 7.2 cm)

• Weight: 3.08 lbs (1400 g)

• Power input voltage: 12-34 VDC

• Current: 0.5 A nominal, @ 28 VDC 0.8 max A during transmit

• Serial data ports for Laptop/messaging terminal

• Bluetooth/Wi-Fi capable of messaging with Blackberry, Android, and more

• I/O support for remote switches and indicators

• ARINC-429 receive bus interface (xx2 models)

• RS-485 serial data bus interface (xx2 models)

• 2-wire POTS phone interface (x2x models)

• RS-485 serial data bus interface (xx2 models)

• R6000/A interface for panel mounted messaging satcom dialing applications (x1x models)

• Antenna options: Individual GPS and Iridium antenna or dual element GPS/Iridium antenna

• Iridium Direct Internet 2.x, Dial-up, FTP, UDP, TCP/IP

• Iridium SBD, SMS messaging, email, and FAX

• Custom event-based actions

• Operating Temperature range: -45º to +70º C

• Humidity: > 95%

• Altitude: 50,000 ft


• FAA, TCCA and EASA STCs are available for over 900 different helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft

Network from Anywhere. The SkyNode S200 supports narrowband networking for aircraft requiring text messaging, email, file transmission, and internet access.

Evolve to Your Requirements. The SkyNode was designed with application versatility in mind. Order the features you require and add more in the future should the need arise. Change doesn’t have to be expensive. The SkyNode S200 is supported by the WebSentinel suite of subscription-based services and server-side data management utilities.