SkyNode S200-012 (Safety Services)

Optimizing Every Flight since 2001.

For information on the Skynode S200-012 for Safety Services or to place an order, please contact us through one of the following options:

• Multiple voice communication interface options

• Dual A739 MCDU interface (for airlines)

• Single CDU (for business jets and older commercial/cargo airlines that do not support A739 equipped MCDUs)

• Built to ICAO SVGM and AC 20-150B, SATVOICE supporting Air Traffic Services (ATS)

• Versatile mounting configurations

• Remote SIM module

• Flight Tracking option

• Size: 11.50” x 3.81” x 2.75” (29.2 x 9.7 x 7.2 cm)

• Weight: 2.08 lb (943 g)

• Power input voltage: 18-32 VDC

• Current: 0.8 A nominal, @ 28 VDC 0.25 max A during transmit

• ARINC-429, 3 rx/1 tx

• ARINC-739 interface protocol

• Antenna options: TSO’d single or dual Iridium antenna or dual element • GPS/Iridium antenna

• I/O support for remote switches and indicators

• Serial data ports for Laptop/messaging terminal

• Bluetooth/WiFi capable of messaging with iPad, Android, and more

• Internal fast-fix 66 channel SBAS (WAAS, Glonass, etc.) GPS receiver

• Operating Temperature range: -45º to +70º C

• RTCA/DO-160G

• RTCA/DO-178C

• FAA, TCCA and EASA STCs are available

• TSO-C159b

The S200-012 satellite unit is ideal for corporate aviation. It functions as ARINC-739 sub-system to interface to Multi-function Control and Display Units (MCDU), or it may optionally be configured to interface to a single Control Display Unit (CDU) via an RS-232 serial interface. The S200-012 exceeds automated flight tracking requirements mandated by various regulatory agencies and interfaces to multiple mapping and flight data monitoring systems.

With the toughest environmental standards in the industry, the S200-012 is the ideal certified Long Range Communications System that ensures your pilots are always connected to your Operational Control Centre and Air Traffic Services no matter the flight plan.

Allow us to show you how the SkyNode S200-012 can improve your fleet operations.