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Latitude’s intelligent, feature-rich data delivery solutions and services integrate seamlessly with our suite of web-based data management platforms. These platforms include options for remote-enabling monitoring and controlling functions for flight tracking, maintenance, and operations. Working anywhere, build your management platform for dispatch, mobile, or desktop applications, and experience fleet logistics monitoring at your fingertips, today.

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Powerful web-based data tools.

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Operational with the Latitude SkyNode Suite

A subscription-based service, our flight following and automated data forwarding solution process geo-positioning and telematics data in a reliable, affordable manner. Choose between live or historic flight data from your fleet, displayed across a variety of map types and tables. Remotely configure operating parameters to meet your needs and provide access to unlimited customers, agents, and employees.


Operational with Latitude's IONode FDM Solution

A subscription-based service, our flight data monitoring solution offers a graphical presentation of your aircraft. Choose to view data from historic or recent flights, setting event thresholds to report exceedances in real-time or on a post-flight basis. Remotely configure parameters to meet your needs and receive a powerful performance trending analysis tool for developing FOQA, safety maintenance, and fleet operational programs.

SkyNode Messenger

Operational with the Latitude SkyNode Suite and WebSentinel

A communication application, our 2-way messaging solution improves the flow of conversation through WebSentinel, Android, or iOS. Receive access to messaging and voice calling, event signaling, GPS reporting, and more as data is seamlessly recorded through your SkyNode. Send important alerts such as ‘Down and Clear’ or monitor your fleets GPS status over a wireless connection. 

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Operational with Latitude hardware and services

A global Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Value Added Manufacturer (VAM) of Iridium voice and data airtime services. Utilizing Iridium’s 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) cross-linked satellites, Latitude provides your organization with pole-to-pole global voice and data communication coverage. Reaching over oceans, through airways, and across the Polar Regions, Iridium solutions are ideal for aviation and special mission operations.