USFS Additional Telemetry Unit

Optimizing Every Flight since 2001.

USFS Additional Telemetry Unit (ATU)

Latitude provides fully compliant aircraft certified solutions to meet USFS and other government agency contracts with our Air Tanker Information System (ATIS) and Additional Telemetry Unit (ATU) AFF data feed reporting. Our SkyNode and IONode equipment are configured to your operational needs and built to exceed contractual requirements.

Monitor and track your mission operations with detailed reporting that helps keep you in control. Latitude’s complete ATU solution includes the IONode, the SkyNode, and our ATIS software. Report where buckets or tanks are filled and dropped through the IONode’s recorded parameters. Receive data in real-time with the SkyNode and turn this data into actionable information with Latitude’s ATIS platform.

Latitude’s comprehensive ATU solution is the reason why we have been the leader in aerial fire attack data telemetry for more than 16 years. We not only meet the standard – we move it forward.

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Air Tanker Information System (ATIS)

Latitude pioneered the tracking of aerial water-bombers starting back in 2001. This led to the development of the Automated Flight Following (AFF) standard in North America. Evolving out of this work was the Latitude Air Tanker Information System (ATIS). ATIS allows operators, agencies and regulators to visualize the what, where and how of aerial fire attack in near real time. Water or retardant fills and drops are mapped in a web browser along with specifics on each drop and totals for the selected time period. Metrics such as drop per hour can also be generated to help assess operational efficiency. This gives all stakeholders an invaluable tool to manage their efforts and assets.

A snapshot into Latitude’s dynamic ATIS software service.

Additional Telemetry Unit (ATU)

Fill and drop parameters are made available to the USFS and other government agencies through the Additional Telemetry Units (ATU) of the AFF data feed. Latitude collects hundreds of mission-critical parameters from aerial fire attack aircraft and our high availability servers securely distribute the data to your authorized third parties.

IONode Lightweight Flight Data Recorder

IONode Flight Data Monitoring

The IONode™ lightweight flight data recorder integrates with any bucket or tank system allowing operators to record key parameters and fulfill contractual requirements to government agencies.   

SkyNode S100

SkyNode S100

The SkyNode® S100 offers complete tracking and data telemetry. Interfaces to multiple mapping and information management systems. 2-way data access everywhere you operate. The preferred real-time data communications module for Latitude’s IONode FDM system.