IONode Flight Data Monitoring

The IONode™ flight data recorder offers a fully-automated solution for data gathering, distribution, and real-time flight alerting. Highly configurable reporting parameters are purpose-built for your aircraft to support flight operations and maintenance quality assurance. Enable programs to maximize fuel management, flight data monitoring, or special mission operations such as bucket drop tracking for aerial firefighting. Transform your data into actionable analytics with Latitude’s IONode.

IONode Lightweight Flight Data Recorder

Highly configurable digital/analog inputs to fulfill fleet-specific program goals

Feed into Latitude Flight Data Analytics transforming your data into performance analytics

Enable fuel management programs, flight data monitoring, special mission operations, and FOQA training

Integrate with any bucket or tank system to record key parameters and fulfill contractual requirements

The fully-automated solution for data gathering, distribution, and real-time flight alerting

The IONode is a lightweight flight data recorder that improves aircraft operating efficiencies, reduces maintenance costs, increases safety, and grows your fleet’s bottom line. Adaptable to all FDR and QAR requirements, the versatile data acquisition unit features highly configurable recording and reporting parameters backed by Latitude’s proprietary SAFR flight data and communications standards.

Operational goals, initiatives, and fleet-specific programs are able to be uniquely adapted with the IONode’s discrete and analog input configuration. Enable fuel management programs, flight data monitoring, special mission operations, training, and more through manipulation and review of your aircraft data.

The IONode is the ideal data collection system for developing a complete FOQA and FDM program with measurements for success. Featuring a large internal storage, three methods of offload and a wide range of external inputs and internal sensors, the IONode can enable high-quality FOQA programs for a range of aircraft types. Digital and analog inputs can be configured to decode custom ARINC 429 and 717 messages for review and analysis of program efficiency. Latitude provides excellent data capture on fully analog aircraft, as well as aircraft with digital data busses. WiFi offloading allows for regular data transmission to Latitude’s servers without pilot or mechanic action.

The versatility of the IONode to adapt to meet your program requirements is invaluable. Special mission operations such as aerial firefighting can be configured to record key parameters, providing your operation with the necessary tools to help fulfill contractual requirements for government agencies. Integrating with any bucket or tank system, operators can monitor, track, and report on parameters such as bucket fill and drop status, location, and more.

The fully-automated IONode can also feed into Latitude’s Flight Data Analytics to provide a visual and graphical representation of your data. Seamlessly transforming your recorded data into trending and performance analytics for assessment and review of program efficiencies and goals.

Supplemental Type Certificates

STCAuthorityAircraft TypeProduct Availability
SA12-69 Issue 1TCFixed Wing Aircraft, See Approved Model ListIONode FDM
SA04165NYFAAPart 23 Aircraft, See Approved Model ListIONode FDM
ST03456NYFAADash-8 SeriesIONode FDM
SA11-84 Issue 3TCDash-8 SeriesIONode FDM
SA12-54 Issue 1TCHawker Beechcraft 1900C, 1900DIONode FDM
SA03233NYFAAHawker Beechcraft 1900C, 1900DIONode FDM
STCAuthorityAircraft TypeProduct Availability
SH14-39TCAirbus EC135IONode FDM
SR03536NYFAAAirbus EC135P1, EC135T1, EC135P2, EC135T2, EC135P2+, EC135T2+IONode FDM
2015S12-04ANAC (Brazil)Airbus EC135P1, EC135T1, EC135P2, EC135T2, EC135P2+, EC135T2+IONode FDM
SR03339NYFAABell 204, 205, 212, 214, 412IONode FDM
SR03383NYFAABell 206 and 407, Airbus AS350, EC130B4, AS355IONode FDM
SH13-35 Issue 1TCBell 206 and 407, Airbus AS350, EC130B4, AS355IONode FDM
SH13-29 Issue 1TCBell 204, 205, 212, 214, 412IONode FDM
10049855EASAAirbus AS350, EC130 B4IONode FDM
2015S12-09ANAC (Brazil)Bell 206 and 407, Airbus AS350, EC130B4, AS355IONode FDM

Technical Specifications

Typical Parameters

• GPS location, altitude, speed, heading, UTC time

• Barometric altitude and air speed, OAT, relative humidity

• Flaps, air brakes, angle of attack, landing gear, WoW

• Bank angle, aircraft attitude, attitude acceleration

• Engine parameters: Torque, pressure, temperature, RPM

• Fuel level, fuel flow

• Structural strain/vibration gauges

• Tanker load, load cell

• Analog voltage, current

• Door position, trigger signals


Parameter Operational Range

• GPS Altitude: -1,000 ft to 60,000 ft

• GPS Speed: 0 Kt to 971 Kt

• X/Y/Z Acceleration: +/-16g


Parameter Resolution & Accuracy

• GPS Horizontal (Lat/Long): 1.6×10^-5 deg / 2.5m CEP

• GPS Altitude: 1m / 2.0m VEP

• GPS Ground Speed: 0.06 Kt / 3 Kt

• GPS Heading: 0.35 deg / <0.1 deg

• Roll/Pitch Attitude: <0.05 deg / <0.5 deg *

• Yaw Attitude (Heading): <0.05 deg / <2 deg *

• Roll/Pitch Rate: <0.05 deg / <0.01 deg/s

• Yaw Rate: < 0.01 deg/s **

• X/Y Acceleration: <0.4 mg **

• Z Acceleration: <1 mg **

• Pitot Port: 0.0006 in Hg / <0.03 in Hg

• Static Port: 0.0018 in Hg / <0.08 in Hg

• Analog inputs: <0.007 V / 3 %

* Requires initial setup to achieve indicated accuracies
** Accuracies depend on installation environment and calibration

• Dimensions: 6.7 in (w) x 3.5 in (l) x 1.2 in (h)

• Weight: 1.1 lbs.

• Input power: 9 VDC to 32 VDC. (0.5 A @ 28 VDC)

• 24 – analog/discrete configurable I/O

• 2 – Arinc-429

• 1 – Arinc-717

• 3 – RS-232

• 1 – RS-485

• 2 – USB 2.0 (1 host, 1 slave)

• GPS: 1575 MHz

• Wi-Fi: 802.11

• IONode BaseStation™ and Latitude Flight Data Analytics

• Selected 3rd party flight data analytics programs

• RTCA DO-160F Environmental Qualification

• EUROCAE ED-155, chapter III for Aircraft Data Recording Systems

• STCs available for FAR Part 23, 25, 27, 29 aircraft

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