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Latitude’s dedication and commitment to building and developing client relations are some of the many driving forces behind the success and growth of our organization. At Latitude, we believe that once a product or service is purchased, the story begins to unravel. Providing expedient and informative support and servicing requires constant communication, which is why we are happily working around the clock to meet your operational requirements.

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LFDA · WebSentinel · Satellite Voice & Data Communication Services

Activations & Reactivations:

To activate or reactivate Latitude Flight Data Analytics, WebSentinel, or voice and data satellite communication services, download, complete and submit the appropriate service activation form(s) by following the link to the Service Activation page below.

New Registration:

For new service subscribers wanting to set up an account, please complete and submit a Credit Application form found on the Service Activation page below.

Logon Required

Latitude hardware owners can access a complete collection of technical documentation through our support library. Designed to supplement your installation process, this documentation library contains invaluable reference materials to guide your initial set up while providing operational advice on how to support your new or existing hardware. User instructions, operation manuals, and installation guides are built to facilitate the successful implementation of all Latitude hardware, presenting details on functions, operations, and effective system maintenance.